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Food Suplements
Tab 500 mg x 30’s.

Each tablet contains fixed micronized combination of purified flavonoid fraction 500 mg (diosmin 450 mg and flavonoids expressed as hesperidin 50 mg).
CIFLON consists of the micronization of its active constituent. The micronization of CIFLON increases gastrointestinal absorption, thus better bioavailability and consequently a more rapid onset of efficacy and provides CIFLON with added clinical efficacy.

Diosmin/hesperidin is a phlebotonic drug and a vascular protecting agent.
Diosmin/hesperidin is phlebotonic: It reinforces venous tone by prolonging the activity of parietal noradrenaline. Thus, DIOSMIN/HESPERIDIN decreases venous capacitance, venous distensibility and venous emptying time.
Diosmin/hesperidin protects the microcirculation by fighting the microcirculation-damaging process; it combats venous inflammation by decreasing leukocyte activation and as a consequence, by inhibiting the release of inflammatory mediators, principally free radicals and prostaglandins. Thus, Diosmin/hesperidin normalizes capillary permeability and strengthens capillary resistance.
Diosmin/hesperidin acts on the lymphatics system: It improves lymphatic drainage by increasing lymph flow and lymph oncotic pressure. This action on the lymphatic system associated with a phlebotonic and vasculoprotective effect, explains the activity of Diosmin/hesperidin on CVI associated edema.
Double-blind, placebo-controlled studies have demonstrated Diosmin/hesperidin’s efficacy on chronic venous insufficiency. Diosmin/hesperidin significantly improves disabling symptoms of venous insufficiency which affect everyday active life: Heavy legs, pain, heat sensation, edema, functional impairment and nocturnal cramps.
In addition to conventional compression therapy, diosmin/hesperidin has also demonstrated to significantly increase the chance of healing leg ulcer and to shorten ulcer healing time.
Diosmin/hesperidin is highly effective in the treatment of chronic hemorrhoidal disease. It significantly improves subjective symptoms and objective sign eg, anal discomfort, pain, redness, anal discharge, proctitis, tenesmus, pruritus, erythema and bleeding. Diosmin/hesperidin also significantly reduces the frequency, severity and duration of acute hemorrhoidal attacks by chronic treatment.

Treatment of the symptoms and signs of organic and idiopatic chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs eg, heavy legs, pain, heat sensation, edema, functional impairment and nocturnal cramps.
Treatment of the symptoms of acute hemorrhoidal attacks and chronic hemorrhoidal disease.


Chronic Venous Disease:
2 tabs daily. In acute hemorrhoidal attacks, 6 tabs for the first 4 days, then 4 tabs/day for 3 days, 2 tabs thereafter.

Chronic Hemorrhoids: 2 tabs daily.
The tablet is suggested to be taken at meal times.



Use in pregnancy:
Experimental studies have not shown any teratogenic effect in animals. In human beings, no harmful effect has so far been reported.

Use in lactatation:

In the absence of data concerning the diffusion into breast milk, breastfeeding is not recommended during treatment.


Some cases of minor gastrointestinal and neurovegetative disorders have been reported, which never required cessation of treatment.


Incompabilities: None.


Store at room temperature below 30°C.